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I have had nothing but great service from Teffont. I moved to Teffont for all our printer services after our origional printer repair chap unfortunately passed away. I have had great service from Ian Hodgson, Kerri Wall and their engineers have always been spot on. In my previous workplace they serviced roughly 30 printers, 1 of them which was serviced regualy we managed to get just over 1 Million prints from it. They are a very friendly bunch of people and very competative with their pricing. After dealing with Teffont for the past nearly 6 years i have brought them to my new work place because i trust their work. Its not always about how cheap a supplier are, i am willing to spend the extra to deal with such a great company like Teffont. Keep it up guys.

Joshua Murray (Graham & Green) – Trowbridge, Wiltshire

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Wiltshire is the home of the World Heritage Site Stonehenge. It is also famous for the huge white horse carved on Cherhill. Many tourists also flock to Salisbury to visit pointy gothic cathedral and the buzzing market town. Other attractions include Longleat, Stourhead House, Boscombe Down Aviation Collection and Garden and STEAM (Museum of the Great Western Railway).

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