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Offering One-off Repair and Ongoing Maintenance

Our HP printer repair prices are set plus parts, so you’ll always know what you need to pay; helping you make the decision whether it’s more cost effective to repair, or replace. Or if you need year-round support, you can choose one of our all-inclusive and unlimited maintenance agreements.

One-off Repair

HP LaserJet Printer Repairs

HP Printer Repairs is part of one of the UK’s largest independent printer repair companies, with HP engineer coverage throughout the UK and parts of Scotland. Our printer call out charges are set and include all labour. If we need to supply spare parts we offer a reduced rate on the labour to fit them (on all quotes accepted within 7 days). This is irrelevant of how much time is required to fit the parts. Therefore,  you’ll always know how much you will need to pay.


How much will my printer repair cost?

All our HP LaserJet printer repairs call out charges are set. Tell us your HP printer model and postcode to find out your guaranteed price.

How quickly will my printer be repaired?

Usually very quickly. We fix around 85% of our HP LaserJet printer repairs first time, without the need for any parts.

What if parts are needed?

If you require any HP printer parts we will always give you a quote for the parts and any labour upfront, helping you to decide the best option for you.

Is my HP engineer local?

Quite possibly. We have experienced HP printer engineers within one hour’s travel of most places throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

Could it be more cost effective to replace my HP printer than repair it?

Yes it could be, which is why we provide a fixed price HP printer repair service. We want you to make an informed decision, where you can take into account the value of the toners in your existing machine and our repair compared with the purchase and installation of a new machine.

Are your repairs guaranteed?

Yes, we guarantee all our HP printer repairs for 30 days. In the unlikely event that the same fault should reoccur within this time we will provide you with a free of charge call-out.

Ongoing Maintenance

HP LaserJet Printer Maintenance Contract

Our cost effective HP LaserJet printer maintenance contracts provide UK HP printer support for businesses of all sizes and home users too. If your HP LaserJet printer is in good working order then you can take out an HP printer maintenance contract with us. This all-inclusive service agreement provides unlimited call-outs with all non-consumable parts and labour included.

Can I take out a maintenance contract if my printer isn’t working?

No, you would need to pay for your printer to be repaired first. However, once it is repaired we’ll happily credit your account with 50% of the original repair call-out cost after you take out our HP maintenance agreement.

Why is a printer inspection required sometimes?

Ensuring that we maintain any HP printers to our minimum standards helps to keep our maintenance costs down for everyone. We will inspect your LaserJet and explain any parts that need to be renewed before we can provide our HP printer service agreement.

Do I have truly unlimited call-outs?

Yes you do. We’re confident that our HP LaserJet printer service standards mean your printer will run smoothly between visits, but if it does have a problem we’re always here to help.

All non-consumable parts are included, what does this mean?

Your printer has parts that normally need replacing during its use, such as: toners, maintenance kits and fusing units – these are all consumable parts. Non-consumable parts covers virtually everything else, such as: power supplies, circuit boards and electrical parts. We will provide your printer with all non-consumable parts, completely free of charge.

What happens if I replace my printer?

If you replace your HP LaserJet printer with a similar model from us then we’ll transfer and extend the standard warranty with your remaining HP maintenance contract balance.

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